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The tarot in recent years has become an attraction, as a tool for divination, at parties or events or even as a regular predictive information.

The cards are 78 in numbers and unravel a story from cycles of birth to death literally and sometimes figuratively.

There are various types of Tarot cards available and one should use the cards that call out to them; However, the easiest deck to practice on is the Rider Waite pack. Thereafter you can move to a pack of your choice.

Although it’s exact origin is unknown, it is said to have been used as a card game, in the earlier eighteenth century.

With its connection to divination practices, it can give information about health, business, growth, birth, love, career, wealth and relationships.

They can be used for meditation too and actually give insight and psychic abilities to those that use them regularly to meditate on!

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They can be connected to Astrology in the sense that some cards and their hieroglyphs represent the planets and the astrological spread gives information just like an astrological chart would!

The spreads you choose to read the cards, should be one that you feel comfortable doing. The most used spread is known as the Celtic spread.

The efficacy of each reading depends on the awareness and consciousness of the reader, as well as their experience in having read the cards over a period of time.

The care of these cards depends on the user and how they bond with them, so the information they receive from the cards can actually be like a journey one can maintain as a record.

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