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What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the process of counselling for a person or persons, while also giving them tools to manage the challenges they face.

It involves the knowing of something, which someone is unaware of because they are in the midst of a difficult situation.

Sometimes it’s tough to ’see’ a situation for what it is, because one is in the eye of the storm!

It takes a Facilitator to know and see what is creating the impediment as he/she is not attached nor involved with what is going on and views the situation only as an external observer.

In certain situations, Facilitation can lead towards healing. It is upto the Facilitator and the one receiving to gauge what will contribute towards ease.

Different types of Facilitation are recommended depending on what is required for that particular situation, sometimes more than one person is involved and so the facilitation involves one or more or even a group.

Facilitation / Healing 1 hour session

Power Facilitation / Healing

Power Day

Crit Sit

A Crit Sit is a critical situation that requires immediate attention, assistance and reconstruction and/or modification of the situation.

The situation could be personal or professional.

This can be extremely intense and one chooses this only if they are willing to receive high octane intense energies that could bring many changes albeit with much potency!

Crit-Sit Retainer

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