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What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the study of oils that are generated from natural flowers, fruits, spices etc. in the healing of a body to balance and create synergy within it.

It usually creates a state of balance, within the body through the olfactory nerves that are placed within the nose, where our sense of smell brings us the required ease and stability within the body.

Any sense of imbalance within the body brings un-ease or dis-ease and we use different aroma oils for massages, in diffusers, and in soaps or candles etc.

Aromatherapy oils are never to be applied directly on the skin (except Lavender and Tea tree oils), as they can burn or blister.

One must always use a carrier oil for the effective benefits of any Aroma oil.


Depending on a particular ailment, specific oil/s are recommended to be used in body or head or foot massages.

For example: if one is having dandruff on the scalp, a blend of coconut or olive oil with a few drops of tea tree oil will bring this under control and eventually diminish it completely.


A blend of different oils can help to create a particular energy depending on what you require it for!

For example: if a person is stressed, you can use a blend of lavender, sandalwood, cinnamon to bring calmness.

For example: If a person is studying for an exam, he/she needs to be focused and fully aware, so here we use Basil oil along with cedar wood or bergamot and and a drop of rosemary as it will help to keep focus, retain what one is studying, as well as stay awake.

Essential Oil blends

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Essential Oil blends can be massaged into your skin, or it can be used in a diffuser as well. Just use a few drops with a carrier oil to massage into your body or put 2-6 drops in a diffuser along with water. Use a Tea light in the diffuser, for it to start permeating throughout the room and allow a hot throw. Alternatively put a few drops on a cotton ball and place in your purse or room or drawers or your car etc.

Prosperity Blend:

This blend allows the creation of money and or money ideas. Use regularly for better results.

Stress Reliever Blend:

This Blend works well if massaged on the head, neck and upper body. To be used in a diffuser only if a massage is not possible! Brings relief from stress and anxiety into Calmness and Ease/Peace!

Clearing Negativity Blend:

This blend clears out negativity from your home, office or surroundings. Use especially if you find yourself getting irritated or angry with colleagues in the office or friends and family at home. Carry in your purse ( placed discreetly) if you fear your evening maybe imbalanced if you are entertaining.

Passion Blend:

An excellent blend to rejuvenate your love life and bring passion and romance in it. Especially good for couples in a committed relationship.

Knowledge Retention and Exam Blend:

This is an excellent blend for students or adults who wish to retain everything they have studied. It keeps you absolutely alert and awake when you are studying or reading. Best to put some in a cotton ball and keep inhaling while studying and reading. Carry a fresh cotton ball with you when you are giving your exam, if you seem to forget inhale the fragrance and your mind will automatically let you remember what you have studied!

Aging skin Blend:

Excellent as a skin care routine especially for aging skin around neck and face as well.

PMS Blend:

Very good for the debilitating pains of PMS. To be used a week before and after for severe cases and 2-3 days for moderate cases.

Weight Loss Blend:

Brings loss in weight by the removal of excess water retention as well as fat loss. To be massaged only, on that part of the body which requires weight loss!

Health Blend (made to order):

This can be done as a bespoke Blend specifically for you.

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