Lizia Batla Crystal Therapy

What is crystal healing?

Crystals are used holistically for healing, cleansing n purifying the space or the body of a person, a surrounding or a situation.

They have been buried deep in the core of the earth for millennia. Used by our ancestors esp the native Americans for ritualistic purposes, shamanic rites, as talismans and mystical purposes and they can be a great source of energy too!

As they emit electromagnetic waves, they are used extensively in watches, computers, electronics, and many types of modern technology.

The benefits of crystals

Crystals greatest benefit is in balancing the energy of a body, balancing mind, emotions and our environment.

They can help to remove the electromagnetic waves floating in our surroundings. They are open to receiving and even removing any energy that Is not a contribution to a body and can help cure many ailments.

The colours they exhibit come from various mineral compositions and/or impurities that are embedded within the crystal while they grow. They are used extensively on and around our bodies to bring beneficial changes through chakra healing, massage therapy etc and redress imbalance.

Clear Quartz amplifies the right brain function.

A healer will also attract a heightened sense of awareness by meditating with a crystal of their choice. Crystal clusters help to deflect negative energy!

One can ‘program’ a crystal to help you in any aspect of your life by deflecting or attracting without it affecting you in any way. As they are a storehouse of energy they require cleaning and cleansing every once in a while.

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