Helping Hand Lizia Batla Esoterics

Take this hand

... and let me guide you on your path to success

What is Success for you?

Is it Money? or Work and Business?
Good Health? Or Fulfilling and Joyful Relationships?

How about all of the above?

Join me on a journey through a series of esoteric sessions where you can experience Healing and Learning to actualise your innermost goals and desires.


Understand what “Heaven” has blessed you with and the heights you can scale through Astrology and Tarot.


Improve your Life through enhancing your surroundings with Fengshui, Vaastu and Crystals.


Create a harmonious and energetic contribution for your body with Healings, Facilitations, Aromatherapy or Bach Remedies as required.


Tarot/Astrology 30 minutes session

Tarot/Astrology 1 hour session

Bach Remedies

Facilitation / Healing 1 hour session

Power Facilitation / Healing

Power Day

Call for a Quote (+91 98212 34861)

Fengshui and Vaastu (Depending on size of the house)

Call for a Quote (+91 98212 34861)