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What is Healing?

Healing is a form of creating an energy that balances the human body.

The practitioner is only the conduit for any healing.

It is the person being healed who either receives or rejects!

The Universe and those that assist, aid the healing!

Our bodies consists of energy that is not only confined within the body but several layers outside of it.

Some of us know it as an Aura and some us as the different bodies eg. Etheric body, the emotional layer, the mental layer, the Astral layer, the etheric template, the celestial/causal layer, the spiritual layer, the energetic body, auric field etc.

My Practice involves different forms of healing using different modalities that creates the balance that a body requires.

There are different types of healing modalities that work in tandem with each other, an experienced practitioner will use any modality, depending on what is required by the one receiving.

This happens because of the awareness and Consciousness that the practitioner has accumulated over time, due to his/her abilities.

Facilitation / Healing 1 hour session

Power Facilitation / Healing

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